At SKGC we believe that the start of a good foundation begins at the source. Which is why, we have been ensuring that only the finest rocks go in to the making of our building essentials that result in durable structures. Inspired by nature, perfected by SKGC, Aggregates are manufactured to the same exacting standards as done the world over. They are created from specific natural rock by a rock-hit-rock crushing technique using state-of-the-art plant & machinery with world-class technology.

Aggregates are obtained by crushing of parent rock and exhibit better bonding at the interface of aggregates with cement paste. They are crushed by a three-stage configuration consisting of a Jaw Crusher followed by a Cone Crusher and finally a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) to obtain aggregates that have cubical particle shapes and are consistent in gradation.

Advantages of Aggregate

  • Cubical particle shape.
  • Internal gradation – IS 383
  • Surface texture
  • Greater durability
  • Zero impurities(marine & organic)

Impact On Concrete

  • High compressive strength.
  • Reduction in voids increases work-ability.
  • Reduction in water absorption/lower water cement ratio.
  • Longevity of structure/higher resistance to an aggressive environment.
  • Reduction in wastage and increase in economic value.