Granule Sub Base

Granule sub base shall consist of a uniform max of 0 to 53 mm material placed on a sub grade, uniformly shaped, and compacted. It is useful for all road works. It is used as a stable foundation for road with similar properties to prevent differential setting under the road, as a low cost extender that binds with more expensive cement or bitumen either for construction or road works.

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As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.

Contracting services

General contracting, often referred to as a traditional delivery system, allows the owner to engage with the architect/engineer to prepare the design of the entire project. Upon design completion, the project scope is competitively bid to a construction firm for a fixed lump sum.

Our responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

  • Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.
  • Subcontracting with various trade and specialty contractors
  • Applying for or assisting in the application process for building permits
  • Monitoring schedule and cash flow
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Ensuring a safe and secure project site

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